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Specialized Tours

Museum tour with lunch (3-4 hours)

Visit 2 chosen museums

After lunch take you to a nice restaurant

Plan it for me

Walking tour with lunch/ dinner (3-4 hours)

Visit 3 famous chosen attractions of the city

 Lunch or dinner

Plan it for me

Boat/yacht tour with drinks (2 hours)

Boat or yacht  tour on Danube with all the amazing attractions

with drinks and music

Plan it for me

Shopping tour (3 hours)

Food and drinks

Hungarian speciality shops

Souvenir shops

Shopping with stylist

Plan it for me

Nightlife tour ( 4 hours)

Visit 3-4 popular and special places: bars, clubs

Reservation and drinks

Plan it for me

Refreshing tour in nature ( 3 hours)

Nice walking tour with history:

Margaret Island or

Elisabeth -tower or


Plan it for me

Sport program and relaxing (3-4 hours)

Training with a professional trainer( gym, crossfit or outdoor training)

After lunch relaxing in a wellness spa or thermal

Plan it for me

Sweets and confectionary tour (3 hours)

We visit 3-4 chocolate and confectionary shops with tasting

Plan it for me

Vegan food tour (3 hours)

We visit 3  favorite vegan restaurants with tasting

Plan it for me

Photoshooting tour ( 3 hours)

We will go to 3 chosen favorite spot ( riverside, boat, castle, hill, city center, club, bridges, etc)

A professional photographer  makes sure you will have your proper photos together with this amazing city

Plan it for me

Lots of laugh and joy tour

Let the child be alive in you again

We visit a big jumb trambulin park


Plan it for me

“Paint like a real master” tour ( 3 hours)

Amazing instructed painting tour

No skills needed

Success guaranteed

You can take your masterpiece home

Plan it for me

Singing tour (3 hours)

We visit the Best karaoke in the city

Your performance recorded ( if you wish)

Plan it for me