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City Tours

“The fabolous Budapest has so many things to offer , you can meet thousands of tourists who are just amazed by the views and captivating photos of all major attractions.

The city is full of life even if its winter time. Besides the basic seigh tseeings you can enjoy some hidden treasures, interesting and special places as well in the heart of Budapest and surrounding areas.

Let me know which kind of city tour activities interests you the most and I can arrange it for you.

Let’s explore together Budapest by walk, by car, by boat or by helicopter according to your wishes!”



  • The most famous attractions of Budapest

  • Historical and modern buildings

  • Bridges

  • River cruises

Culture & Music

  • Theatres & Concert Halls

  • Museums, Galleries & Exhibition Halls

  • Churches & Synagogues

  • Events & Programs

In Nature

  • Hills & Mountains

  • Forests & Parks

  • Islands & River Banks