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Hungary has a long tradition in the field of medical tourism.

Hungary offers first class medical and wellness centers, at incredibly favorable prices, high-quality technical equipment and applied methods along with professional medical staffs.
Our country has been gaining an international reputation in the areas of medical services, such as dentistry, plastic and orthopaedic surgery, cardiac rehabilitation, fertility treatments, dermatology and anti-aging treatments, obesity treatments, addiction programs and eye surgery.

Dental tourism is by far the most sought-after type of treatment, accounting for around 80% of medical tourism.

The medical tourism industry provides these medical services for less than what private treatment would cost the medical tourists at home, without the lengthy waiting lists that are common in some countries’ public health care systems.

Our partners provide excellent treatments with professional staff who provide commitment and care to their patients.

  • Dental Care

  • Private Clinics

  • Eye-Laser Treatment