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Thermal Spa and Wellness

Budapest is known worldwide as the “City of Spas” .

Amongst its most popular attractions are undoubtedly its thermal baths, now renowned throughout the world.

Although it has only officially carried the title as a Spa City for 80 years, its unique facilities were fully recognized by Roman legionaries over 2000 years ago and with the Turkish invasion, the bathing culture started to blossom in the Hungarian capital.

The waters are also effective in healing the human musculoskeletal system, circulatory diseases and womens’ health problems.

Unmatched even on a world scale, the daily delivery of 70 million litres of 21-78 degrees celcius of thermal waters, gushing out of 123 natural hot springs and drilled wells, means that Budapest can proudly proclaim itself as the capital city of healing and thermal waters.

Budapest has a wide variety of thermal spas and wellness with quality and special treatments, where you will surely be relaxed and renewed.

  • Rudas thermal bath (turkish and wellness)

  • Széchenyi thermal bath

  • Gellért Thermal Spa

  • Mandala Day Spa