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Sports and Relax

Are you an active person? Would you like to try some different training, which can be very adventurous and motivating at the same time? If you like to train in groups and make new friends at the same time, then surely this is for you.

Adventerous and hardcore trainings available both indoor and outdoor with professional trainer.
Are you also excited for some crazy fun , extreme sport or just simply relaxing on a private boat or yacht?
All is possible and available from 1 person as well !

Active Sports

  • Fitness clubs & Wellness

  • Golf  & Tennis

  • Private trainer (Indoor and Outdoor)

  • Jet Ski & Wakeboard

  • Hiking Tour

Fun and relax

  • Yacht Tours

  • Private boat & Speed boat tours

  • Car Racing

  • Parachute Diving

  • Adventure parks

  • Aqua Parks